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The European Respiratory Roadmap: Introduction

A “roadmap” is an extended look at the future of a chosen field of inquiry composed from the collective knowledge and imagination of the brightest drivers of change in that field.1

The European Respiratory Roadmap (hereafter "roadmap"), the first of its kind, seeks to serve as a basis for the respiratory community to communicate with key decision and policy makers on the importance of a focused strategy for respiratory medicine. It is based upon the complete, medical version of the roadmap, which includes all references, and is available here.


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Chapter 1

97% of health expenses are presently spent on treatment but only 3% invested in prevention. In 2010, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) alone was estimated to have cost the global economy €280 billion.

Clinical Care

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Chapter 2

With an ageing population, a declining labour force and alarming healthcare costs, concerted EU action to deal with the imminent chronic disease epidemic will be indispensable.


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Chapter 3

Research makes a direct contribution to the prevention and treatment of lung diseases and leads to dramatic increases in the quality of life for European citizens. Biomedical research is vital and Europe will need to significantly increase its investments to remain competitive.


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Chapter 4

High-quality education and training systems are crucial for the health of our citizens, enhancing employability and Europe's success. Developing the excellence and attractiveness at all levels of education and training will allow Europe to retain a strong global role.

List of Contributors

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The following is a list of those contributing to the European Respiratory Roadmap, comprising members of the European Respiratory Society leadership and the heads of its assemblies; the presenting delegates and rapporteurs from the ERS roadmap summit in Leuven, Belgium, held on March 4 and 5, 2011; and production and editing support staff provided by the offices of the ERS.